A new Blog/Crafter/DIYer site

Well hello world!

One sample of my first melt and pour attempt.

Welcome to Wendover Crafter. A site where I log what I’m doing, review crafting materials I own or try, tell you what craft I’m on to these days and why.  A fairly typical crafter’s blog, really.

But first, here’s a little bit about me: I’ve written short stories and poems since I was in elementary school.  I’ve been lucky enough to have parents and grandparents who were (and are) firm believers that handmade products can be amazing and if you can do it yourself, you might as well do it.  I’ve seen them make furniture, paintings, knits, quilts, sewing, gardening, welding art and so on.  I love everything they’ve done and it inspired me to follow in their footsteps. I started off writing, then quit all DIY for years. I once saw a hand knitted lace garment on some sort of fashion tv show and decided I would buy something like that.  When I couldn’t find it anywhere, I decided to make one for myself.   So, I started knitting, but lost the patience for knitting before I finished any project (a scarf to be precise). Then I crocheted to make one of those products I was dreaming of knitting.  It was a success! 

That success was really part of the whole crafty endeavours I had started taking on as I re-discovered my love for making stuff. Now, I write about what I make so I have a log of it, readily available whenever I need it.

See how easy it can be, with me!

Beer soap shaped into a mug

Mini soap doughnut
Crocheted brimmed hat

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