Face masks tryouts

I had the chance to exchange some of my creations this week with the mother of a colleague at work. I LOVE the scent of her soaps, they smell like a goat’s milk soap. They’re 100% natural and she apparently makes a bunch of homemade things for her and her family. I enjoy her use of natural colourants and must admit, I have a penchant for the little lamb I received. I hope she enjoys mine just the same. I’ll link her info when she gets a website set up. Until then, feast your eye on her wonderful creations!

I have a penchant for the sheep soap – isn’t it cute?!

Today though, I’ve tried out a face mask recipe! It’s basically this recipe but halved and with an added tsp of baking soda. I LOVE the yield of this. I’m sure it would be as awesome without the baking soda but man, I felt great all day! I feel my skin working, as if it was being rejuvenated all day! I wasn’t able to put much more than half the amount of tea called for at first but I had saved it and was able to add a lot more of it at the end of the day.

Half the recipe in the link above was more than enough to yield over 5 masks. If making some for yourself, I’d recommend making a half recipe or less even! Once I have photos, I’ll attach them in this post.

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