New stuff!

The orders arrived and I am super stoked! I’ve got micas, I’ve got lakes, I’ve got oxides… There’s waxes and butters and fragrances and colours. I have Essential oils, carrier oils and fragrance oils! I have charcoal and clays, flavours and emulsifier YAY!!!

I mean: just look at all the goodies!

I’ve been meaning to try and make a galaxy soap bar and I wanted to try out the birch blended oil… It smells a touch minty so I mixed it with some birch tar from my brother and some bamboo teak fragrance. I don’t know how well it’ll turn out with melt and pour. I guess I’m writing this too soon because I poured it already and it’s setting up. The toughest part for me is waiting. Just waiting to see how the soap turned out once solid.

Speaking of orders. I ordered from a local company. I was excited to try out their stuff and the day or so after they got my order, I got an email telling me they were shutting down and cancelling all orders. I’m super disappointed! I was super happy to have found a local source for supplies and they shut her down 🙁 I’m bummed. Well, until either they reopen or someone else launches a local supplies store, I’m buying from southern Ontario.

Stay tuned for the galaxy soap post!

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