Finding Balance

I’ve made a few bars lately that have been quite a hit!  The beer soap and Canada Flag soap drew a lot of attention yet the surprise bars and the Apple Pomegranate soap (which is rebranded as the “Kool Fruit” soap tonight) are nearly sold out already.

Named “Kool Fruit” because people can smell whatever fruit they want, it’s still all just one kool scent.

I am finding that people respond to highly scented products and no one’s complained of itchy skin.  Obviously, I was putting far too little fragrance in my soaps before now, but now I may be putting a tad too much in the bath bombs.  Luckily I’ve been keeping track and making adjustments as I go along.  I seem to have found the right balance when it comes to soaps.  I am close when it comes to bath bombs but some of the fragrances still leave me stumped.

Now I am left to find suppliers.  I can’t seem to find my soap base anywhere anymore.  I used to get it at Michael’s but they no longer have it.  So far, for a similar price, I’d have to go to Toronto.  I’m trying to find something similarly priced here but with the small quantities that are currently offered, it’s not exactly enticing.  I’m tempted to order from the states as their prices are much more appealing for the quantities I order and they offer a greater variety of bases.  I like pre-made bases as they are far simpler and faster to use.  This supplier has a TON of varieties – cream soaps, liquid soaps etc.  I can make all of these but they take almost a whole day to make and require a lot of work.  At the prices I had found so far, it was more cost efficient for me to buy them pre-made than make them but with the soap base unavailable, I hope this pans out to keep prices down and my own time costs down.

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