Balancing all of life’s little things

Well, after months without a job and a couple of weeks back to work, these posts are proving to be a challenge.  I don’t want this to abruptly end just because I work again.  It’s such an amazing outlet for me to only tell those who want to hear about it, what I’m up to these days.

So here is where I’m at: stocking up the online shop.  It’s proving both difficult and super fun.  I have the shop and the one on this site to maintain and I need to be precise in both.  Etsy will be dropped because they charge me just for listing the products and it’s not worth it for me.  I love this one though! I can easily track my inventory and it doesn’t cost me a cent to list items!  Same goes for Facebook!  I’m about to list the bath bombs and a couple more gift baskets for Christmas. 

I will have to update the shop with a few kids’ soaps and Surprise Bombs (bath bombs with a small toy inside) and the novelty giant bath bomb.  I have to list all of the available fragrances and sizes under one listing or all fragrances under each size of bath bombs, or better yet, each size under every fragrance available… I know it’s feasible but it is time consuming because there are over 40 scents available at this time!  Crazy, I know.  

I also came up with an idea for another service today.  It will have to launch in the new year but I think it’s pretty brilliant!  Stay tuned for info on that in 2018! Until then, feel free to roam through the shop and let me know if you’re interested in trying out my laundry soap!

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